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Knowing where your food comes from is a rather commonly repeated adage in society, one in which most people would posit as being a ‘good’ or mutually beneficial thing. While knowing where the food that one consumes comes from is indeed a good thing, not many people actually understand why this is so. In knowing where your food comes from, people are better able to watch take care of their diet and personal health, and gain greater understanding of the processes involved in food production


Dietary reasons are perhaps the biggest benefit to knowing where your food comes from. Understanding the origins of the products in which comprises your diets can help one analyze both the good and bad aspects of their nutrition, such as omitting overtly-processed foods high in sugar and preservatives. Foods produced in a more organic manner, however, is often healthier.


Knowing how food is produced also makes us more cognizant of the processes actually involved in the sourcing of food products. This creates an environment where respect for the supply and labor involved in food production can further grow, and also leads to better production both domestically and from foreign-sources. One example of that is through fair-trade coffee brands, which supports better lives for farmers.

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  • Fair-trade coffee brands is a great example, William!

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