The Witch

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by : Noah
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In the year 1630, in New England there lived a Pilgrim family. They were in church praying for more food and money. But that wish never came true. So they went home because church time was over. A man named Jack who lived with the family was the dad to 4 children. He was sent to the woods to get food for the dinner their making. He was poor, but he had a horse he picked up his musket and went in the woods. When he entered something was unusual. Their was no deer or chicken. He checked the butcher’s shop. There was no meat. Then he saw a weird dark figure. Standing there. Looking at him. Before Jack could say a word – swoosh! He was gone. There was no sign of Jack. 1 hour later, the family was worried. The Mum went outside with a torch raging through the night sky. She went in the woods and saw Jack. She was relieved. She thought Jack was okay, but then he fell to the ground with a knife in his back. The knife had a shadowy aura. It vanished. Then it came flying through the air. Then a dark figure with horns came out of the trees and slashed the knife. It missed .The mum ran, but the witch was faster. The mum threw the torch. It hit the witch in the heart. She lit on fire. The scorching hot flames caused the witch to fall. The mum ran so fast she tripped because of her dress. Then a dark figure was there. It had horns and it ran towards her. The mum got up and ran. She made it to the house. The kids were gone too. The mum was worried. She had a long breath, then she started choking up. Then suddenly Jack’s head flew through the window. She screamed and ran to the barn which was in the house and grabbed a pitch fork. She ran outside to check it out. A goat with black horns red eyes and a pentagram on it’s forehead ran towards the mum. The goat’s horns rammed into the mum. The mum bumped into the door and broke it. The goat moved back. Then the witch with a dark scythe , dark eyes, long nose, and a burnt dress. The witch took of the dress and had a big x on her chest she swung the scythe. It cut the mum’s dress but the mum ran to the bakery. The baker’s names were: John, Kenny, Jim, Charles. The mum asked ” Help me! please, There’s a demon goat and witch outside.” John replied “Are you dreaming?” ” Kenny shouted witch out- Crash! A buff goat crashed the window and the witch jumped off the goat and sliced Kenny’s head off, blood went all over the place. To be continued…

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