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At the location I am in right now, I see myself looking at my laptop typing exactly what I’m typing right now that you’re reading, I also see a blonde lady in front of me across the table that has a birthday in a month, to the left of me I see a farmer with a hat and he has a drink from some place that the lady in front and to the left of me works at. I can hear the music from my earbud that’s in my left ear and then from my right ear I can hear a bunch of clicking from other people around me and throughout the classroom doing the exact same thing I’m doing and maybe even typing the same things as me. I also hear the heater pumping out hot air to make sure we don’t freeze, which will still continue to pump out hot air possibly once it’s 85 and sunny out so then we can all sit in a class and lose 10 pounds within 7 hours. There’s not much I can smell though, I have a plugged nose and this room doesn’t really ever smell like anything because it’s so spread out and big. For something I can feel, I can feel my fingers clicking each key I press, including the space bar which is what is probably clicked most. Another feeling is the soft cushion of the spinney chair I’m sitting in. For my last thing it’s taste, there’s not really anything at all I can taste in the location I’m at unless I want to get in trouble, but I guess I can taste my breath which just smells like normal breath since I haven’t really eaten anything yet. There’s really much to write about for the location I’m in but I tried my very best.

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