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Happiness. Happiness isn’t when you feel like you fit in. It isn’t when you change yourself to impress other people. it is all about you. Out of more than a million, adleast one person will accept you. If you think you are ugly or pretty, big or small, have more weight or less weight. Someone will accept you. Maybe that someone isn’t with you right now, but they will come soon, or later.  God has made a destination for all of us to seek happiness. Sadness leads to honor, pride, and bravery. Get through the sadness, fight through the pain. Soon, you will never feel again. So why waste it on unessecary things when you can make yourself happy. Cutting out toxic people and toxic things. Things like drugs, smoking, and commiting suicide is just going to make it worse. Tell someone, ask someone. Your not going through it alone.


  • Wise very wise and I agree.

  • i like that amira cute

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Post Privacy Published on May 06 | General Ideas
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