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Have you ever wanted a dog will guess what there Is a cute dog right here that you can adopt. His breed Is a pug and there a small breed only between 10-12 inches and weigh about 14-18 pounds. Pugs are a nice breed of dog they won’t attack if they have a good owner, but if they have a bad owner their more likely to bite. Pugs are one of the most favorited animals In the world mostly because they are adorable. If you wanted to get a pug the average cost Is around $600 for for a dog. You might think that’s a high price for a dog but some pugs can cost up to $6,000.  The reason they cost so much Is because they are cute, but If you want to get one you should be careful because If they had a bad owner In the past they are more likely to bite because there previous owner didn’t treat them good. You should buy this pug, but you just got to look at the history of the pug to make sure they didn’t have a bad owner is the past. Would you like to have this pug because I would. If you are thinking about adopting a pug you should because it is a loving animal that will give you company when your alone.

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  • *clap clap clap clap clap* BRAVO I AGREE

  • agreed everything what you said. you can adpoted your favorite dog and i glad you made the right choice

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