The Death Of Matt… Pt.4

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        “What do you mean?” I asked. “You took Matt from us and locked us up, we’re not going to trust you.”

        “Matt trusted me, and I did what he wanted.” He smiled.

        Maddi and I looked at each other and turned back to Jack.

        “Fine, what is it?” Maddi asked.

        “If I let Matt go, you guys can’t hang out with him, and if you hang out with him, I’m gonna kill both of you.”

        My jaw dropped as I listened to what he said. 

        “I can also kill your other friends if I have to.”

        “Ok, but what do we get from this?” I yelled.

        “You get to have Matt set free, but I get to take control of him.”

        “That is so unfair!”

        “Too bad.”

        “Go away, nobody wants you here,” Maddi interjected.

        “Nobody wanted you here either, Maddi.”

        She rolled her eyes as she turned around and went back into the cot.

        “Now you, Lauren. I know that you like Matt, but you can’t like him anymore.”

        “Why not? You can’t control me.”

        “Or can I?” He grinned.

        He turned around and he motioned for someone to come. Someone brought Matt over with duct tape on his mouth. The man bringing him over seemed very suspicious. Probably older than Jack too!

        “You see Matt? I already gave him his part of the deal, but he may not talk to you. If you chose the other side of the deal, which is talking to him, I’m going to kill him.”

        “That’s still unfair!” Maddi complained.

        Jack laughed as he walked away from the store and out of the mall.

~10:30, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels~

        Maddi and I started to get hungry again, so we sat and ate our pretzels from Auntie Anne’s.

        “Lauren? Is that you?” Someone asked from behind the counter.

        I looked to see my mom’s best friend, Addie.

        “Addie! It’s nice to see you on a Sunday!” I groused.

        “Be kind to your aunt.” She frowned.

        She wasn’t actually my aunt though, just a really close friend to my mother.

        “Sorry, I’m just a little tired.”

        “It’s ok, I’m gonna text your mom and tell her I saw you guys.”

        “NO!” I shouted. “She’s, um, working right now. You don’t want to disturb her.”

        “True, I’ll let her work”

        I sighed as I took the last bite of my pretzel and walked away with Maddi.

        “Tooley?” She asked.

        “Whatcha need?”

        “How did Jack know our names? Did Matt tell him?”

        “I didn’t hear him say our names.”

        “He said my name at least, I don’t know about yours.”

        I thought about it as we walked, but I still didn’t remember him saying her name. Matt was the only thing I was concerned about right now, he was hurt.

        “How did he even find us?”

        “I don’t know, but let’s just stay here for a few more days”

        Maddi nodded as we headed over to Mandarin Gifts again. Kenley was there again and this time she was staring at anime posters; hugging the BTS pillow again.

        Somehow, she didn’t notice us going by the store, so we decided to look for a different place to go to. We looked around for a few minutes until we found Hot Topic. Maddi looked at clothes while I looked around for a place that we could stay in. I didn’t find any so I went over to Maddi.

        “Why don’t we go to that bed store?” I asked. “We could hide under one of them.”

        “Sure, isn’t it Kohls?” She replied.

        “I think so if we’re wrong, we’ll just have to look for it.”

        Maddi nodded as she grabbed the clothes she was getting and headed to the register. The lady scanned everything and got a total of $132.94. I looked at Maddi. We only had about $500 and she spent quite a bit of it.

        We headed out of Hot Topic and looked for Kohls. I saw Addie as we passed by, she waved as we went to the other side of the mall. Maddi suddenly jumped as she looked down to the first floor of the mall.

        “T-Tooley… Is that, your mom?” She asked worriedly.

        I looked down to see that she was right. My mom had come to the mall. I didn’t block her number, but I did turn off notifications, so I couldn’t see them.

        I grabbed my phone and went to my mom’s messages. She had messaged me over 100 times, asking where I was. I didn’t want her to be worried, but I didn’t want her to get mad at me for running away to help Matt. Matt means way more to me than my mom does. 

        I grabbed Maddi’s arm and started running towards Kohls. We ran in and started looking for the beds. They were nowhere to be found, so we had to go to the first floor. My mom was on the first floor and I didn’t want to go down, but we had to. As soon as we went down the escalator, I saw the beds. I ran the first bed I saw that had openings at the bottom. I opened it up and crawled in.

        “Maddi! Get in here!” I whisper yelled.

        She crawled in as quick as she could and closed the little door. We lay down and Maddi continued to drink the lemonade that she got from Auntie Anne’s. I rolled my eyes as I lay there. We had to get out to buy some food though, so Maddi left her lemonade there and we headed for Auntie Anne’s again. I looked around for Addie, she was nowhere in sight, so we ordered 10 pretzels, 5 for each of us.

        “Why so many?” The man behind the counter asked.

        “Oh, we’re having a mini party at the coffee joint,” Maddi replied.

        The man shrugged as he started warming up our pretzels. We forgot to mention our drinks, so we told him as he put the last pretzel in the oven/microwave. 

       The man handed us everything in a box and we started to head back to Kohls.

         “Lauren? Shouldn’t we find a new place to stay? Jack knows where we are now.” Maddi asked.

        “Not just yet, we don’t know where he is, and I want to follow him next time he comes.”

        Maddi stayed quiet as we walked back to the bed. She looked sad as well.

        “Maddi, what’s wrong?” I asked.

        She stayed quiet as she crawled into the bed. She didn’t seem okay.

        “Listen to me, Maddi. What’s wrong?”

        “I want to choose somewhere else to go to. I also want to see our friends again.” She replied angrily.

        “We’ll leave once we find Matt, I told you this.”

        “What if he doesn’t make it? He could be dead for all we know. Just because you like him doesn’t mean he likes you back, Lauren.”

        “He does, Maddi. I’ve told you this. Many different times. You just never listen to me. I care for you and you know that. Every single time we hang out, I tell you how I feel about Matt. I guess you just don’t care. You can go ahead and leave, Maddi, since you don’t like me anymore.” I cried.

        A single tear fell from my eye as she came out from under the bed. She looked at me slightly and started to walk away.

        “Goodbye, Tools.” She said as she stopped in place; she continued to walk away.

        Maddi had taken all of the money, but I needed it. Her family already has a lot of money, but mine doesn’t.

        She left her phone though, and she has to use the map to get home. Without it, she’ll get lost. I grabbed her phone from off the bed and went to her messages. Her mother was at the top, so I decided to message her.

        “Hey, mom.” I typed, “This is the last messages I will ever send you, or anyone else. Send this to everyone else for me, please. I am committing suicide today and nobody can stop me. Don’t try to look for me either because I’ll already be dead. Thank you for reading this, mom. Just remember that I love you more than you could ever imagine. Goodbye.”

        I sent the message and put her phone in my back pocket, keeping it on vibrate so I can feel her answering the message. Maddi’s phone started to vibrate like crazy. Her mom was answering quite a lot. I grinned as I crawled under our bed- I mean, my bed.

        I started to think about where Maddi could’ve gone. Maybe to the Starbucks across the street, somehow found her house, got lost in the middle of nowhere! All these possibilities, but I still have to find Matt. He had to be somewhere around here for Jack to have found us.

               I ran out of the mall and ran towards to Starbucks across the street. Maddi had money on her apple pay, so I had to use it before she did. I went to the counter and asked for a mocha latte, I just wanted to waste her money so she couldn’t use it. The worker gave me my latte and I sat down at one of the tables to think. When would Maddi realize she left her phone at the mall and come back?

        “Ma’am? Sorry, but that’s my seat you’re sitting in.” A man said as he looked at me.

        “Oh, sorry. I’ll move if you’d like.” I replied.

        ”No, I’ll sit in the other seat across the table. Did you not see my jacket on the seat?”

        ”Oh, no, I’m sorry.” I blushed.

        The boy sat down in his seat and looked up, ”I’m Micah.”

        ”I’m Lauren.”

        We shook hands as he sipped his tea. He asked me some questions about how my day was going and how old I was. Micah was actually 13, just very proper.

        ”Yeah, my dad is pretty rich, so he teaches me to speak super proper to show it off. I usually don’t talk proper, but I do sometimes.”

        ”I can tell.” I laughed.

        We started to talk about how we came upon our friends.

        ”Oh, well I don’t have many friends. They all think I’m a preppy rich kid.” Micah exclaimed.

        “I just lost my best friend today, I’d rather not say why.”

        Micah’s phone started to ring. He took it out of his pocket and looked at his phone.

        “Sorry, my mother is calling me. She’s outside right now. Here, have my number. Maybe we can talk again sometime.” He smiled as he walked out the door.

        I took the slip of paper and put his number in my phone. Micah was pretty sweet if I say so myself. I got up after finishing my coffee and went to walk out the door. I pulled out my phone and went to text him.

        “Hey, Micah. It’s Lauren.” I sent.

        He replied back straight away. “Good day, Lauren. I’ll text you in a minute, I’m headed out to eat with my mother.”

        I closed his messages and went to my contacts. I haven’t talked to my friend Gwen in a while, so I decided to text her. It was only when I got a message from a random number that I started to cry. It was a picture of Matt.

        He was dead…



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  • Maddi: Arrives home.
    Mom: What
    Maddi: What


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