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cite Video games are addicting if you play to much and don’t set a time to get off.




When there’s a shooting or a murder.People tend to blame it on voilent video games.Or kids with mental problems that play violent video games.Its not video games if the kid is just violent and has mental problems and dosent get help that is the problem right there.”After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings one year ago, many speculated on whether shooter Adam Lanza had Asperger’s, a form of autism. And Aaron Alexis, who killed 13 in September’s Washington Navy Yard shooting, had a history of playing violent video games. It seems that every time there’s a horrible act of violence in our society, we rush to blame it on something like this.”(Jeff White)

Its just not getting help.Its not the video games that makes people more violent. has mental problems .


Tangled in the Web


Do people spend to much time on the internet ?There are lots of people who have IAD(internet addiction disorder).Half of the people don’t even know they have IAD.
Arlette Lefebvre, a Canadian psychiatrist, says she recently treated 20 kids for IAD.”(Piddock, Charles) one way you cant tell is that you get really irritated or angry if someone else is using the computer.Or you can’t just get off when some tells you or take turns.Or just have to Play video games no matter what you have to do to play it.There are many people who use internet to much but don’t know.


game over


Are violent  video games addicting?You are addicted if it is hard for you to get off when told to.”Between 70 percent and 90 percent of teens in the United States play video or online games.”(John DiConsiglio)10% are addicted to video games in america.Most people who are addicted don’t think they are addicted.Most people in the world don’t even think video game addiction is thing.most people that are addicted to videogames are also can very well get addicted.



  • Nice job just make sure to capitalize.

  • I feel like this was a bit too short. Also, the grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling are driving me nuts.

  • i like the grammer

  • you put some periods when there didn´t need to be, but other than that great job

  • This is a very nice research writing. I love your research question.

  • yeah you play games way to much

  • but i am gamer please let me play game i do have IAD lel

  • Go back and edit your post because in your title you spelled reasearch wrong , other than that great writing

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