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Wanted to say that my novella bundle, Gorgons & Gargoyles, is up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and more, written in collaboration with https://essaypro.com/.

I invited some writer friends to my house yesterday for a novelcon.  We’re all working on books, and we each bring a chapter we’re fighting with or unsure about to share for feedback and brainstorming.  Inbetween readings, we yak about writing or plot points we’re struggling with, etc. and brainstorm. It was an awesome day.  My friends push me to be a better writer, and I do my best to push and encourage them.   Anyway, while we chatted away, Paula complimented me for pushing my boundaries and writing skills on my novellas.  Thank you, Paula!  That was my intention when I started these.

For the Gorgons & Gargoyles novellas, I wanted to concentrate on relationships and battles.  Every urban fantasy has action and fight scenes, so I wanted to practice on those.  I also love Greek myths and thought it would be fun to write a story about one of the sisters, who got cursed and left behind after Perseus killed Medusa.

Ally and her sister, Stheno, were Medusa’s older sisters.  Medusa was the only mortal of the three girls.  Eventually, she’d age and die.  When Athena cursed them, they fled to an island, their beauty converted into ugliness.  All three were so hideous, if a man looked at their faces, he was turned to stone.  The curse made them targets for hunters, who wanted their heads to use as weapons against their enemies.   Both Medusa and Stheno were killed.  For centuries, Ally’s fled from place to place, hiding, until she settles in the Summit City and meets Dante, a gargoyle, who swears to protect her.

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  • And did he protecdt her or killed her ore this is really good story

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