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Virgil walked out of his room and sat down on the couch, surrounded by silence and shadow. It was too early for anyone else to be up. Logan would go to sleep at exactly 10:00, and wake up at 6:30. Roman was obsessed with getting his ‘Beauty sleep’ or something. And then Patton- well, he just didn’t seem like the type to stay up late. So Virgil was surprised when, at about one in the morning, Patton walked out of the bathroom sniffling and wiping tears off his face. “Patton, are you okay?” Virgil asked. Patton was never sad, he literally spoke in dad jokes and never stopped smiling. “Yeah, I’m fine.” Patton stood in the doorway, nervously fiddling with the sleeves of the cat hoodie he usually wore tied around his shoulders. “No your not. You are literally always happy, and its two AM and you just walked out of the bathroom after what looks like a breakdown,” Virgil protested. “I already told you, I’m fine.” He attempted to put on a shaky smile while fresh tears ran down his sleeves. “Do you need Logan?” Virgil asked him. “I know you feel more comfortable around him.” “No, he doesn’t like being woken up.” “He’ll be fine with it if your having a problem.” Before Patton could protest any longer, Virgil had summoned Logan into the living room, waking him up with a start. “What the- Virgil, why did you summon me at 1:23 in the morning? We have lots of filming to do tomorrow and Thomas can’t afford to los-” He stopped when he saw Patton in the doorway, whom had evidently been crying and still had fresh tears running down his face. “Patton, are you okay?” Patton didn’t respond, just looked down at the ground, avoiding all eye contact. “Patt…” Logan stood up, and as he did so, Patton rushed over and hugged him, crying into his shoulder. “I’m sorry, Lo. I don’t know whats wrong, I just… I just don’t know!” He sobbed harder, pulling himself closer towards Logan, refusing to let go. “Oh, so you open up to mister ‘No Emotions’ here, but you can’t talk to me?” “Well I am Logic, the voice of reason,” Logan said in responce to Virgil’s remark. “You are Anxiety. You amplify all problems we have and generally make things worse.” The emo winced at the insult, but knew Logan was brutally honest, and had mostly gotten used to it. “So, Patton,” he said, turning to the sobbing boy. “What is causing you such distress that it must interrupt our sleep?” “I just feel bad,” Patton managed to say between sobs. “No r-real reason, j-just feel horrible.” “Well, if you have no reason to feel so badly, then why feel bad?” Patton sobbed even harder, and Logan realized that might not have been the best thing to say. “I-I just… I’m s-scared.. Scared of l-losing you… You, R-roman, and Virgil. I… I feel un-unworthy of having a-all of y-you.” Patton wanted to go on, but choked on his sobs and had no choice but to stop. “Falsehood,” Logan said to him. “Wh-what?” “Falsehood. You are feeding yourself lies and believing them to be true.” Lies. Virgil thought about that word. Lies. All of a sudden he felt a fourth presence in the room. under his breath but just loud enough for the others to hear, he whispered “Deciet.” “What?” asked Logan. “Yes, Virgil, my best and closest friend?” Deciet spoke, showing himself from the shadows. Logan stood up clenching his fists, a look on his face that no one had ever seen before. “What did you do to him?” He said in a demanding tone, clenching his teeth.”Oh Logan, Logan, Logan,” Deciet said, knowing exactly how to push his buttons. “You call yourself emotionless, avoid all possible feelings, and yet you care so much for someone who is literally telling you you are too good for him. Why is that? Do you feel the same way? Are you also insecure? Afraid of emotions because you know not what they mean?” Logan was shaking. He looked about ready to punch Deciet’s ugly snake face, but he reasoned with himself. He’s trying to push your buttons. He wouldn’t do that if you didn’t scare him. He feels threatened by you. When he tries to get into your head, you get into his. He already has Patton, I’m just his next victim. Don’t let him get to your head. “I will ask you again, what did you do to Patton?” “Absolutely nothing,” he said, sinking out. “That was such an obvious lie, it was kind of sad,” said Virgil, trying to lighten the mood. It was then that Roman walked out of his room, yawning and rubbing his eyes. “What’s going on?” He asked, confuzed after seeing the looks on all their faces. They explained everything, and decided to watch Disney movies until morning. Sure, Thomas wouldn’t get any sleep that night, but oh well. They had been doing good work lately, they could spare a day for some free time.

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  • This is really good, and the only Sanders Sides content on this site! Nice job!

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