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The first report of the Yanomami to the Western world is from 1759 when Spanish expedition under Apolinar Diez de la Fuente visited some Ye’kuana people [1] living on the Padamo River [2].By interlocution of an Uramanavi Indian, I asked Chief Yoni if he had navigated by the Orinoco [3] to its headwaters; he replied yes, and that he had gone to make war against the Guaharibo [Yanomami] Indians, who were not very brave…and who will not be friends with any kind of Indian.From approximately 1630 to 1720, the other river-based indigenous societies who lived in the same region were wiped out or reduced as a result of slave-hunting expeditions by the conquistadors [4] and bandeirantes [5].[5] [6] How this affected the Yanomami is unknown. Sustained contact with the outside world began in the 1950s with the arrival of members of the New Tribes Mission [7][6] [8] as well as Catholic missionaries from the Society of Jesus [9] and Salesians of Don Bosco. [10]

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