The Best Day Ever

You open the door only to find this!

The craziest thing happened today. I opened my front door and there were 5 baby kittens. Can you believe it. There we 3 orange kittens and 2 grey kittens. I could tell that they were newborns. I immediately took care of them. There are 4 boys and 1 girl. So I named the 3 orange boy kittens Loki Neko Kye and Obey. And I named the girl kitten Loey. Also I found the mama cat and she’s been taking care of them like feeding them and cleaning them. I named the mama Zoey. They are adorable and I love them.                                                              

                        I hope you enjoyed this story. I do actually have 5 kittens named that and I also have a mama cat  named zoey. It’s a true story but that’s not how I found them. But that story is for another time bye