1. A long, long time ago, thousands and thousands of years ago, As technology improved and inventions like wheels and irrigation allowed people to grow even more food, villages grew bigger and became towns and cities.People began trading with people from other cities, and then with places very far away. In order to keep track of these trades and their increasingly complicated lives, people began to develop writing.Several different systems of writing began as something called ‘pictograms, ‘ or pictures of things, and then gradually changed to represent ideas and then sounds.Through all of these changes people developed societies known as ‘civilizations.’ A civilization is a culture and a way of life that usually has a few specific characteristics.Number one, civilizations need to have agriculture and extra food available. They have large cities filled with lots of people. They have specialized labor, and well-developed trade.In almost all cases, they have a written language. Civilizations have strong governments. They have shared values, in ancient times usually a shared religion.As well, they have their own style of architecture and artwork. The first known civilization developed over seven thousand years ago, in mesopotamia♦

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