Bob’s dangerous quest

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by : Asa
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Bob had a nice life. He was about 2.5 billion years old. He lived in the dungeon with his friend Mr. Skeleton, who had mostly crumbled to dust. One day, Bob was playing imaginary planes. All of a sudden, Mr. Skeleton bounced up and said, ”DO YOU TRUST ME?!” Bob screamed and pounded at the dungeon door. Mr. Skeleton slowly started to crumble even more, but Bob was taken into the Underworld with him. Five hours later, a guard came in after hearing the noise.

Bob woke up. A man was standing above him, blinking his eyes in confusion. “Exger alru kanku?” The man said.  Bob wasn’t surprised by this foreign language. After all, he was in the Underworld. “W-who are you?” Bob asked. The man stood up, dumbfounded. “You speak normally?” The man said. Bob stood up with pain.  Bob talked with the man, who revealed his name was Joe. Bob then decided he would try to get out. So then began their quest. Their journey took them through the Fields of Punishment.

There they saw a man rolling a boulder up a hill. They tried not to stick around there too long. They then went through Elysium and stopped for some hot dogs and burgers. Then the reached the Fields of Asphodel. As they walked through, blank souls stared at them. These people were good and bad. He felt a shiver as they were watching him. They got out of there quickly.

They were reaching the gates, then an explosion jarred the ground. Bob and Joe bolted for the exit. Mr. Skeleton appeared out of nowhere and picked up Joe. Bob yelled, ”Mr. Skeleton! No!”

Mr. Skeleton threw Joe about 50 feet away, and all Bob could do was watch him hit the ground just as a temple erupted, which fell on Joe. ”NO!” Bob yelled.

He took out his sword and sliced off Mr. Skeleton’s arm. ”THIS IS FOR JOE!” He yelled as he stabbed Mr. Skeleton. Now that Mr. Skeleton was stuck on his sword. He didn’t know what to do with him. Then he saw the man pushing the boulder out of the corner of his eye. He quickly took Mr. Skeleton over to the boulder. As the boulder fell, he positioned the skeleton under the boulder. CRACK! Mr. Skeleton was no more.

Bob was able to leave the Underworld. He lived happily ever after.




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