The hidden truth behind Plato’s Allegory

The hidden truth behind Plato’s Allegory

Once I lived a life, in Plato’s cave

My ears still ring my uncle’s melodious tone, “I promise, I won’t drop you by mistake!”

His euphonious, but resonant voice, over the phone, promising not to be late

Life was in an eternal fairy tale, where blissful ignorance took charge

It felt like a Summer’s day, too perfect for any storms

Outstaring the phone, compelling it to ring, he wouldn’t miss my birthday 

Glimpses of us playing piggy back ride flashed before my eyes, as I began to cut my decorated cake

I fell into an alternate world, I was seeing through a different set of eyes, as I collapsed on the floor

“Hey, you promised!”, but then laughter-once again- shook the room

This time I knew, that it was in fact a Summer’s day, it just felt too blissful

The phone’s ring reached me from far away, the Summer’s day I was in, would soon depart

Already, the atmosphere of the room was congested with a foreign unease

A lump formed in my throat, as my mother, mournfully announced that my dearest uncle, is no more

I unshackled myself out of that cave and saw reality in its truest form

Until my eyes adjusted to the light, the world’s concealed meaning came to me

The veil that protected me, unveiled the truth of humanity

Nothing lives forever, death is like fate

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  • great, where are you from?

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