Hi my name is Jozalyn Tanner you see you know me as a weird person at school but there is another side of me before i moved here.

So I use to live at a farm with my mom and dad we had 7 horses, 14 cats, 10 dogs, 6 pigs, and eight chickens my favorite was the horses to be honest they where annoying to take care of but I still loved them

wait hate to say this story is not going to be how much I loved them or how to take care of them.

We had 7 hoses almost eight but before the mamma of the pony gave birth all of the horses except 3 got sick and died including the mamma. Now, before they got sick I had to go to my grandma   that also got horses so I was okay happy I was not able to go back home for a while and when I went back i only had Butter Cup, Oreo, And Blacky luckily they where 3 out of 4 of my favorite but I was still sad. Blacky  died 1 year after. now I live with my dad and visit my moms with Butter Cup and Oreo.

                                                                                                                         The end