A day in Mr.Catz class

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Introdoction: Hi everybody my name is Mr.Catz I am married to Mrs.Catz I have two kitties one is named Muffin and the other one is named Sugar they get aloung like Ranch and sugar ,Always sweet but zesty anyways know into the story.I work at cat academy along with Mrs.catz.In the morning we usually go over the homework from the day before.

Then I have to take attendance and make sure everybody’s here.Usually after that we just go in straight with the lesson for that day in math,Then they go to there 2nd block while I have my 2nd block I just do the same thing I did for my 1st block except I don’t do attendance because there teacher does there attendance just like I do my classes attendance.

After 2nd block the kittens switch classes and go to there 3rd block then we pack up after that and go home.

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