What’s in the Yellow Locker

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Most people wonder what’s in the yellow locker. There are many theories to this concern. An example of one theory was: ”I believe that there is a banana in the yellow locker because it’s yellow.” That theory may have seemed like a logical answer to what’s in the yellow locker; though it doesn’t show that there can be more. Though it’s a yellow locker, it holds many things. Things that can change ones life perspective, good of course. This yellow locker holds more than a banana, book, anything that’s just yellow. It holds a world full of imaginary creatures that may yet to exist on this earth, but exist in a new realm. Though it may seem strange, to expect all of that in one ordinary looking yellow locker, it’s true. All of it is true. There are flying cars, hybrids, Pegasuses, and many more magical things and creatures. It may be even harder to believe that you can find this imaginary world, placed in your reach. Many students have tried to open the yellow locker, as the suspicion grew high to see what it was. Though, they never succeeded. They didn’t succeed because they had not believed; they had not believed in the magic that was true. Only those who know it is true, may enter this imaginary world, full of hopes and dreams; full of light, and happiness; full of laughter and kindness. It’s an un-ending world of magical things. Many have not succeeded, but many have. Those who have made it to our amazing world know, that the magic is true and can be an amazing thing. Not all magic is bad, this world has all good magic; magic that explains a purpose in one meaning. Because of our magical world, many start believing it’s true everyday. This mysterious world is more than magical; above the magical things that happen here, is the dreams. The dreams of every person who has step foot in our paradise we call home. The dreams of every person who thinks it wont come true. The dreams we all want to be true. Well in this world, it’s all true; the dreams of every child, teen, adult, all become real. It just takes time for the right moment to pop up for that dream to become true. The dream must be what you truly wish for. It must be what you want to happen, and it must be good. Bad dreams are never the mix for an amazing one. Dreams are an amazing thing, and everyone is going to have one. Whether you already have your dream, or you’re still thinking of what you truly wish for. The dream could be something simplistic, or something extreme. No matter what you dream of, as long as it’s what you truly wish for, it will come true in this magical land. Dreams, Magic, Creatures, it’s all here in this amazing place we call home. You can have your dreams come true too. As long as you believe it can come true, you can open the yellow locker. It just takes one push of a button.

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