My Summer

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This summer was good. My family got a pool membership and we got to swim a lot. The water was all kinds of depths. 3 feet all the way to 12 feet. There were also diving boards. A low diving board and a high diving board. The high diving board was terrifying and I only did it twice last year. This year I was trying to do a front flip off the low diving board, but I can only do a front flip off the side of the pool. I also learned a dive and forward roll into the pool. During the summer I also went to the mountains and we got to go inside a mountain. It was very cold!!!. There were light so we could see. I learned that the only two places you could go that was completely dark was at the bottom of the ocean and inside a mountain. If there were no lights then we wouldn’t be able to see a thing. They turned the light off and it was pitch black. They said that is what its like to be blind. I also learned that the water dripping on to your head inside the mountains is from three days ago. The water in their is extremely cold. During the summer I had a lot of play dates with my friend Cassidy. Cassidy and I  went to another of our friends birthday. I also learned a lot of new gymnastics skills this summer. Like a backwards roll, a front-handspring front walkover. I walked my dog around my neighborhood multiple times. Shes so white and fluffy. I thought her to roll, dance, and a lot more dog agility tricks. She is a very funny dog. Her name is Kayla. Her name use to be Layla but we already knew a dog named Layla. Shes the best dog ever, not the smartest, at all, but adorable. I did a test with her to see what her favorite color was. Her test results were interesting because her favorite color was no where near my favorite color. It was pink. During the test I did not use the colors blue, purple, white, and yellow because those colors are the colors dogs can see because their color blind. During the summer i was also kind of sad because Cassidy and I where not in the same school. But then at the last minute Cassidy got accepted into Irmo. Cassidy and I were so happy and excited, we were in the same school. Then we got in the same class, every class except our electives, But we were still so happy. My mom and I were talking about joining gymnastics :). I’m starting some time this month. I’ve been practicing for ages on my flexibility, strength, and skills. Its so fun when you learn a new skill. This summer was the best. Cassidy and Kayla enjoyed it a lot too. I cant wait until next year summer, and sleep in and not have to go to school. Summer is my favorite season of the year. I wish it would never end. THE END! :)

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