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        They unlocked the door, even more slowly , and let Margo out. Margo slowly walk out the door into the rain, sat down and started to cry. William ran as quickly as he could and said to Margo, “I’m so so sorry”. William bent down and helped Margo stand up.

        The next day Margo didn’t come to school. William felt badly and started to get worried. Suddenly, the class hears a loud boom, “ITS MARGO”, yelled one kid! William looked up and just stared, Margo was looking out a window of a rocket ship and waved. As Margo left in the rocket, she felt a deep pain in her stomach. She told her mom and her mom said, “If it doesn’t get better I’ll take you to a doctor.” “Ok”, said Margo.

        Margo got to earth and was so happy! “The sun”, she yelled, “I can’t believe it”. She ran to her house, “Wait up”, said Margo’s mom laughing. Margo got to her house and “Ahhhh”, she screamed in pain so her mom took her to the doctors. The doctor said she had a rare disease called alienosis and gave her pills.  “Thanks doc”, Margo said laughing. They went home and lived happily ever after. 


  • That is a really cool I love how the sun came up again in the end.

  • i like how you ended the story

  • I loved how you made the end of the story happy and I plain out love it!!!!!!

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