Secret Sisters Of The Salty Sea – Book Review!

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Hi, my name is Kenley, and welcome to my podcast about Secret Sisters Of The Salty Sea by Lynne Rae Perkins.

The main character of this story’s name is Alix, and the second main character is Jools. The antagonist actually isn’t a person, but it is a place. Alix went on a trip to the ocean with her family. Sadly, she is going to miss her dog named Trevor, but she is going to be stuck at the ocean for quite a while until she goes back home.


The main conflict is that Alix misses her dog because of the trip. She sends her dog mental messages, hoping he would get them and that she would get some back.


The exposition in this story is when Alix, Jools, Mom, and Dad all got ready to head to the ocean. It talked about how they were excited to meet their fake aunt and be able to see the ocean. The rising action is when Alix and Jools met their neighbor, Nessa. They got along very well and were close friends ever since they met. The climax is when Alix and Nessa thought they would get in trouble. They got some sweets for the family, but they ate all of the frosting off of them. Alix’s father told her that they were delicious, but Alix got very upset while she said she ate all of the frosting without him. He had thought the store ran out of frosting. The falling action is when the whole family hung out with some friends before they packed their stuff to leave. They talked about so many things that they did, especially about the time they held an eagle! Finally, the resolution is when Alix and Jools fell asleep in the car on the way back to their home. They had bought souvenirs and had an amazing time at the ocean.


The conflict was solved when the family went back home. Alix missed Trevor so badly and she was excited to be able to see him again. After she got home, she hung out with Trevor for quite a while before they went outside to eat some lunch with the whole family, including Trevor.


The only thing I can relate to in this story is when I went to the ocean. Around the 24th of August of this year, I went to Cocoa Beach in Florida to see the ocean. I swam for quite a while until my sister got upset because the waves were too big for her. She wasn’t even trying to get over/around/or under them anyway so I don’t know why she made a big deal about it.


I would personally rate this story a 2.5 out of 5. It wasn’t that interesting even though it had quite a few facts about the world and the ocean. There wasn’t much action either, it only talked about Alix missing her dog and having a good time at the ocean with her fake aunt.

Thank you all for listening to my podcast review on Secret Sisters Of The Salty Sea. I hope you read the story, but also hope you don’t because I don’t really like it much, and tell me what you think about it! Bye!!

P.S. Sorry for all of that stuttering, I am hor- I am horribl- EUhhuh. I am horrible at speaking and I’m socially awkward (does a thumbs up even though you can’t see it)

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