Supply list for the Area 51 raid.

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        I know, this meme is kinda dead, but hand in there anyway. I decided I should make a list of what to pack for the raid, since you can’t go in unprepared. So, without further ado, lets get right into your packing list.

        First, you need flamethrowers. Now, with that in mind, only a few “Absolute Units” can get your hands on Boring Company Flamethrowers because they are expensive, and I don’t blame you for not being able to afford them. But, you CAN go to your local Wal-Mart and buy a cheap can of air freshener and a $1 lighter, and you’ll be just as powerful! Have you ever seen it before? If not, you should try it at home on things. For example, your moms favorite blanket, your dads favorite golf bag, your siblings favorite toy, your dogs favorite toy, or even the dog itself!!! Its perfect for commencing those mild inconveniences.

        Second, you need to pack a tinfoil hat! This is key because YOU don’t want to have a bad alien get into your mind waves, do ya? NO! So, go to Wal-Mart and buy the cheapest tinfoil, make a hat that looks like a funnel, slap it on your head, and you are now protected from the bad bois. Do you have a crazy demon alien chasing after you trying to get in your? TINFOIL HAT!!! Howard the alien reading brainwaves as he dances on your YouTube screen? TINFOIL HAT!!! A tinfoil hat solves ALL of your millennial alien-blocking needs!

        Now, and finally, you need to pack a map of the area with breach points! This shows the plan for the raid on a nice piece of paper to tell your way around. Incase you need an image of what it looks like, here it is!


Very informational if I do say so myself! So, you’ve got the Kyles with monster energy buff going in the front with the rock throwers, and the Naruto runners going in to flank from the sides and back! The plan is so genius, made only by the ultimate G’s, and to be put into action in a few days. As the saying goes, THEY CAN’T STOP US ALL!!!

        That is all for my “back to school” story, which I dare say is a work of literature and art combined to make a masterpiece, and I hope you enjoyed!!! NOW THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE!!! GET PACKING AND STOP READING!!!


  • I packed a tinfoil hat and I feel unstoppable! I also tried out the flamethrower on my moms favorite blanket, but she banned me from playing minecraft

  • now you got me wanting to watch howard the alien

  • I like your story but why do you need tinfoil hats to protect your brain from mind controlling aliens?

    • You never know what lerks in Area 51. Maybe even michael jackson lives there XD.

  • also comment me back on what naruto runners and kyles are

    • Its complicated. Very complicated.

  • Watch the video on this link. The naruto runners are trying to break in as we speak,

    • Also if it says its blocked just click the play button at the bottom.

      • Gracias! You are helping by doing your part. You are serving your country well.

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