Today’s Write About Is how I feel about showing work on the board.

When i was a kid this is how i felt.How I feel about showing work on the board is very nervous. I feel nervous because there is always that one student that is always trying to correct you. I stutter when i am in fronts of crowds. It’s hard for me to go to class every day knowing my teachers are going to call on me because I was a really smart kid. Now that i am a teacher now i encourage kids to go to the front. I have this one student. She is always willing to go first during presenting projects.She is Always Always Always raising her hand for a question.As a teacher I still get nervous to go up front but it is not bad honestly.So students reading this post please take this as advice.This will make your school life WAY easier.So students be willing to raise ur hands for questions even if your answer is wrong. If you never make a mistake then your always gonna fail


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Post Privacy Published on September 16 | Life at School
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