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Once the old lady that lives in that green old green house at the end of that street invited me over for tea. I thought I’ll go just to be polite and plus I’ve heard a bunch of rumors going around that she has magical tables and I’ve been wondering if I should believe them or not. This was the perfect opportunity to see for myself. The day of my tea time came faster than I expected and I was getting a little bit nervous, I even thought of faking sick. Finally it was time to walk over and had to put on all my rain gear just to get there it was raining so hard my mom even offered to drive me there. Now that I’m out walking in the rain I wish I had taken my mom up on that offer. It was so wet I feel like I peed my pants while doing a handstand. When I finally got there I rang the doorbell and the door creaked open itself that to me was alone strange but when I walked into the house there was this weird feeling that kind of felt magical. I walked further into the house and found the lady sitting down waiting for me. “hello young boy” she said. I barely managed to squeak out a small hi.” You may put your jacket on the coat hook” she said with almost a smile. I thought that was kind of weird but I hung my jacket anyway. I then went to join her at the table.

        After my fifth cup of tea I told her I better get going, she told me she understood but then she started to ask me weird questions, some of which I could not even imagine how to answer. I started to feel uncomfortable. ” Why do you feel that way?” she asked me. She was reading my mind I needed to leave here NOW! I ran to grab my jacket as fast as I could but when I got to the hooks the whole thing started to move! It went left and up the stairs and I was right behind it until it flew down the stairs it whizzed fast over my head an straight through the door leaving a large hole right in the middle. I raced down the stairs and tried to open the door but it was locked. How do you even lock a door on the inside I don’t know. I looked back to the table to see what the lady was up to but she was gone no trace and all the things from tea must’ve left with her. I looked back at the door thinking I will just go through the hole but when I turned around the hole was gone. The door had magically repaired itself. All of a sudden it felt like my head was spinning I thought I was about to puke. All the windows started to open and close the curtains blowing in the wind.Then everything started to shake was it just me or was this and earthquake. Where did that lady go she must be feeling this too. Things were breaking now, frames fell, vases shattered, then the I looked up and her massive chandelier was coming down and heading straight for me! I tried to move but my legs were frozen then everything went dark!

        “Are you feeling okay?” said a kind voice that sounded awfully familiar. It was my mothers voice. And wait a minute I was in my own bed! All that was just a bad dream! 

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  • I love the twist ending!

  • wow, that’s a great story what a plot twist!

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