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I like this picture, It’s make me think. When I saw this picture I think” What he think? does he angry? does he sad?

I want look it in the New York city But I can’t , I go to another museum!

I never say it my like , I don’t want to say it. Because I don’t make people know that this picture’s father is crazy He is famous, I like like it when I see it I well said”OH! man! what a nice picture.” When I looked the sky there are stars I will said” I remember that picture! ” When I look old cities I portend I am in He’s picture I am not in real place I am in he’s picture Whole things are stop. Nothing  can be in the life . And their is a old tall house. some little house. The star is big and big.

I am confusing why he can draw well now I think it because he is in that time can look that thing to draw.

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