Lost sister (horror story)

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by : Ella
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“Do you trust me…?” I trust yo-  A bright flash of light shined in my eyes and soon enough she was gone. My little sister got kidnapped. I was just about to push her super high on the swing. It was dark out though, someone took her. So many thoughts ran through my head I was all alone my parents were on a date I didn’t know what to do. I started to look for her. I ran as fast I could. I looked every where she was gone… I called my parents and told them what happened there reply was scary. It wasn’t my parents on the other line…

There voice was low and scratchy. I shut of the phone right away I called the cops and locked all the doors in the house. The cops picked up the other line they said “hello what can I do for you?” I said “MY SISTER GOT KIDNAPPED!” The cops said “calm down miss, do your parents know about this?” I said to them “My p-parents wont pick up I called them and it wasn’t them on the other line the voice was low and scary…” The cops said “whats your address were coming to your house to investigate.” “My address is 2345,” I said scared. 5 minutes later i’m hiding behind my couch watching cars outside the window… waiting. The cops come to knock on my door I let them inside. They walked in but then… there was another bright light I passed out.

I wake up in a dark room with one small light. I felt paralized. I look around the room to see my sister dead on the floor… I start to cry I try to hold it in so the person who kidnapped me wouldn’t hear. A bright light flashes again i’m scared. Its pitch black my heads spinning I feel dead…

I hear people but I cant speak. I try to open my eyes but its no use. I wake up in a hospital… I feel so confused. I see nurses doctor’s screaming “SHES AWAKE!!!” I see my sister standing over me she hugs me.


  • I love your story Ella! I LOVE horror stories, but i’m probily going to have nightmares now. LOL! XD -Jade

  • Love the twist ending!

  • AMAZING Story I love that story. It was scary. I love horror story. NICE twist

  • I love the twist ending and how she ends up in the hospital

  • I love the story I love horror stories

  • My favorite part of this writing is how enthusiastic she is when she says p-parents it was very interesting.

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