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I like put my work on the broad. Because we need “share” I feel good when I show my work. I think I am rocky to put my work on the broad, and anybody are write my work on their spiral. i don’t know what other people think but I absolutely know I like put my work on the broad.

When I stand beside the broad I am feel happy, I can showing my work on the broad anybody watch I put my answer on the broad and whole class are watch me to put the right answer on.

That feel great you know. and just put your answer on and explain why you write that and how you say it.

I am feel comfortable when I do that. Because when teacher not say your name you need put your hand up and said”me!me!” That what I do I just want put my answer on the broad I want to share my answer I want people know I can do it and say” He is smart, did you know that?” that what I want.

So I work hard for it I really want put my work on the broad. My mum is happy to see my work is on the broad too.

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