You should really give the book Guts by Raina Telgemeier a try.  Cause it is about having fears of something and how to deal with them.  Also it’s about how Raina’s friend is about to move away to the airport area and Raina thinks it a good idea because she’s jealous cause she gets her own room.  Raina’s friend Jane is the one that is moving away wants to stay in the house she lives in. Then Raina mist school so much that Jane became Michelle’s friend. Then Raina became jealous of Jane and  wondered why she became friends with Michelle.Then Raina goes to a therapist named Lauren and she tries to help Raina with her fear of throwing up. Then Michelle has to go to the hospital to get surgery on her intestine. Raina finally realized that Michelle was not so bad after all.  So Raina had a good idea about making a poster of her in the hospital. Then Raina went to Janes sleep over and Michelle called and asked to talk with Raina and she found out that they have a lot of stuff in common. Then they became friends and they also went to middle school together and they were really happy about that.

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