time stop

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When the time stop that mean all the thing is stop. you will stop, computer will stop, animals will be stop, the water will stop, the air will stop:no wings, Earth will stop. all the thing will be stop nothing will move. Is afraid to people, It is. But when the time stop? NOBODY knows. NO scientist know. They just portent when the  time stop what human will be do? They just know when the time stop their is nobody can still in the life. They just know when the time stop is his family’s died time, but his not afraid that because he know he never can see the time stop.

But if it me, when the time stop I will said”Nothing.” Because like you, you will have a died time why the time don’t have a died time? That the same thing. Never have a thing can be on the life a long time, The time just give we can move can think. It is make we smart, In a never want to have life’s people hard The time stop is just the time stop,  That just mean the time over.

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