The basement

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by : Ella
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When it was my twelfth birthday I had a slumber party. I invited  Sarah and Kathy. I also had all my family over. When everyone left my parents were ready to go to bed. They told me to remember not to go downstairs. The downstairs was a very scary place. I have never gone down there, I never wanted too. Sarah and I were setting up a movie while Kathy was getting changed into P.Js. Sarah and I were just talking while we were waiting for Kathy and then there was a loud boom at the door. Sarah and I yelled as loud as we could. That’s when Kathy jump out and said:” Got you!” We were not happy but we got over it. After the movie, none of us could sleep. We were all scared that the little evil monster would jump out and scare us. We all decided to play truth or dare. Kathy went first she said ”Sarah truth or dare?” Sarah’s response was ” Truth.” we all thought Sarah was being a chicken. ”Fine.” We started playing until it was my turn. Both of my friends wanted me to go down into the basement. I was not going to have it. I got very very upset. So I went to bed. Kathy and Sarah stayed up talking about the basement. When I was sleeping I felt like I was sliding around and going around corns. That’s when I woke up… I saw Kathy and Sarah walk down to the basement. I was scared like I have never been. I was screaming but they covered my mouth. Then I fell back asleep. When I woke up I didn’t feel woken up. It was like I could see my self when I was sleeping. I had never experienced this before. So I laid down again and fell asleep. But this time when I woke up I felt like myself. I was so scared. It was so quiet I even heard the front door open and close. I thought it was my parents at first but then I remember who are the ones that put me down here. Iran up the basement stairs as fast as I could and started pounding on the door. But no one came to help me. I sat there closing my eyes and hoping someone will realize I’m gone. Three hours past and I was still sitting there in silents but that’s when I heard voices and they were coming closer and closer. I opened my eyes and ran up the stairs and ran into the door and the door swan open. When I stood back up on my feet I ran up to my parents and started crying. But then I woke up to see that both of my friends were still sleeping and it was just a scary dream. When my friends woke up I told them all about it. They were really shocked. Now I know never to play truth or dare and go into the basement.


  • Creepy… I really like the fact that it’s so spooky feeling. For a moment i was like “Girl you need better friends” haha

    • thank you

  • I loved this story. It was relay fun to read, but I think you forgot a space between I ran.

  • This was spooky this was a very good horror story I like all the details of the story but I really like the part when she woke up from her dream.

  • i like the way you added lots of details

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