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I think kids my age should get time to sleep in because if they dont get enough time to sleep in it could effect how they are in school

many kids also do better when they get enough sleep in school and if school started really early many people would have bad days

and bad grades.When some kids come to school looking like they didn’t get enough sleep probally means the school day starts to early

or the kids sleep to late but many kids play sports and have to do long homworks so thats why school should start at a later time

thay also have to get enough time so they can get there homwork dun on time to get good grades like the teacher wants us to get good grades.


  • i really like how you told why kids/teens should be able to sleep in

  • I like the detail and reasoning behind your opinion to make it more persausive to people

  • i really like your reasonings

  • i like your reasoning and ideas

  • i kike your reasoning but can you make a tittle; )

  • Great job Melvin and you are right we should be able to sleep in. I wish that happened but that is not gonna happen until we are grown ups so. But if they do make that law then I will be mad because we have to wake up really early and the other kids didn’t so

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