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Math is my favorite school subject. It make me think much then write stories. It’s sometimes make me feel comfortable, Because if I leaned a new feature of the math I feel that the math is wonderful like myself have something plus on my body looks like I have more things can work for me.

Why I like math? Well that because life need it, If you go to the supermarket and buy two piece of the fish, Each piece was nine dollars and when you pay they put 20 dollar said you need to pay that, and you miss your two dollars! And you never know you mess that two dollars.

Sometimes math can give you the money like my dad, He work on math so he need math, he need the math to help he to get money.

And look like you never can miss that job, because whole worlds need the math, as you teach, as you are a shop worker, as you are a Engineer. as you are a CEO of a big company.

Because you can’t get your math out of your mind so you can’t miss a job need math.

So I want know what is next grade of math I want to lean it more. until I go to work and lean more when I work and make it work to me. And make my country rich.

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