autumn begin

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What day is it today? September 23 2019. When in the morning I sigh in my Chrome book and watch the screen there said the autumn begin today!

That mean the leaves will get yellow and yellow and orange, And fall down and down and down, touch the ground and make a new yellow and orange road, When you across it hit the leaves it will have a sound like a bird talking like a paper friction the ground.It will be fun to kick the leaves I think. I Imagine I am in a park that have lot of trees, And some of the leave are on the tree some of then just fall down I think whole squirrel family are out of the tree to find the food for winter……


The farmers too they will have the whole farm food, wait the people to pick it down! My dad said he will take me to the farm to pick to apples just like squirrels. Take some wait to winter.


I hope you have a study hard autumn!!!

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