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If there was a time when cat’s ruled the world it would sound like this . There was a cat named rose she was an A+ student in history  math and ELA  she always helped out but 1 day a sub came called Mr. Dog rose freaked she could not get over the fact he was a dog but she got throw the day.The next day Mr.Dog  was still there today she went home and her parent’s saw her and said, “Is every thing okay?” she said “there has been a sub for 2 days in a row his name is Mr.Dog .Also he is pit bull roses parents said Mr.Dog we had him as a kid he was so mean if you have him for 7 days in a row he will not leave”.The next day Mr.Cats was in class rose was so happy Mr.Cats was back he said  he had a surprise  and it was a pet MOUSE!  rose said rose wanted to eat it so bad. 38 days later … … … Rose had 1 day of school left today it was the worst day of school ever Mr.Cat said, “today we will be ready if Mr.Dog is here” he said we look up his data and he is a cat  murder he takes cats like us into his house and gives the cats a tour of his house and says, “do you want some food he will stab you or poison you what you do is run and lock the door and run as fast as you can and that is what you need to know” the bell rang and school was over for the summer.









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