Mr. Catz’ Class

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One day Kennedy Deer went to school, but what he didn’t know was that this wasn’t another normal day at school. When he walked inside the building he went to his locker, and waiting for him there was his friends Jessie Breeze, Floyd Brandy, and Rudy Davidson. They all started talking at once when he got there. ”Hey Kennedy! Have you heard, today there’s a substitute.” exclaimed Jessie. Floyd said, ”Kennedy, the substitute is a talking cat named Mr. Catz. It’s kind of weird, I thought they would have Mr. Shandy’s daughter or something.” ”I think the school board didn’t know what Mr. Catz was.” said Rudy. Kennedy caught everything that they said, but he managed to say hold on before any of them could go on. ”Guys,” started Kennedy, ”we can’t know any of this until we see it for ourselves. Right?” ”Right,” they all answered in unison. So they walked down the hall and went into the classroom for their first class. ”Yikes,” gasped Kennedy, “those rumors were true!” He gulped down a lump in his throat as he sat down. Floyd elbowed Kennedy and whispered, told you so as he walked by. ”Good morning class!” said Mr. Catz, ”today we shall start with math.” All the students groaned except for Kennedy and his friends. ”All the other students seem normal as if the cat was a human,” Kennedy whispered to himself. He drowned out the voices of all the other kids and Mr. Catz’ voice also. Kennedy was describing what Mr. Catz looked like in his mind, orange, a nerd, tropical shirt, thin yellow jacket, black glasses (which are too big for him), and long hypnotizing tail. Kennedy shuddered as he thought about what would’ve happened if the school board saw Mr. Catz. “‘They would probably throw him into a lake somewhere…Nah, I don’t think they would even know that Mr. Catz is a cat because Mr. Catz would probably act like a normal cat and then the school board would think that we didn’t have a teacher, and that the cat was someone’s pet and so on.” Kennedy thought to himself.

Near the end of the day when Kennedy was at his last class he was thinking that Mr. Catz wasn’t half as bad as Mr. Shandy. All the things that Mr. Catz let them do included going to the paintball rink, making snow cones, having baking/cooking contests, lots of experiments (such as seeing if they could make all the colors of secondary and primary with water and food coloring, making bullets, and etc.), and etc. They planted maple trees to see whose would grow the fastest and they also styled their hair and dressed up to look/act like other people from long ago. “Wow, I had a lot of fun!” exclaimed Kennedy as he walked out the school. “I know. It was a lot of fun!” said Jessie excitedly. “Are you going to keep your hair like that, Jessie?” asked Rudy. “Yes, I like my-long black-hair down in braids with beads and feathers.” answered Jessie. Rudy didn’t comment. “Let’s go to the park!” Floyd said to break the silence. Jessie said, “Yeah! Let’s go, I’ll beat you guys there!” “Hey Rudy,” called Kennedy, “how’d you like Mr. Catz class?” Rudy replied saying, “I liked it. It was fun, especially the game of paintball.” Jessie shouted out to them, “Hey slowpokes, come on! You guys weren’t even running!” Kennedy smiled to Rudy and said, “I guess we’ll race between ourselves. Come on!” Kennedy started running and Rudy ran after him saying, “Wait for me!!”

Kennedy invited Jessie, Rudy, and Floyd over to his house that night so they could talk about what happened that whole day. “Hey Mom.” Kennedy said as he walked in his house. “Hi, dinner’s on the table. Oh, hello Jessie, Floyd, and Rudy!” “Hi Mrs. Deer!” they replied in unison. As Kennedy ate he told his mom everything that happened, and all the fun they had. His mom replied after he finished his story saying, “You four must’ve had an exciting day, and Jessie, you look like a real Indian.” She looked Jessie up and down before saying, “All you need to do is dress up with the embroidered leather clothes.” Jessie flushed with delight as she expressed her thanks to Mrs. Deer. Rudy looked at his watch and said that he was going upstairs and going to bed, and the rest of them agreed. As soon as they fell in the bed they were asleep, but before they fell asleep they all agreed that this was a day they would never forget.



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