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Will be the Halloween coming, In a little town there is live a shop worker, He have a wife name Prisa, And 6 Children they are a poor family, The house is just a cubic the  wood are looks like a black. Children never wear the shoes, whether is summer or winter. But they all don’t have any difficult for worker.

In the Halloween night a big news coming. Worker said “kids your dad have a new JOB!” And he pick a bag of candy “I give you guys some candy for celebration!.”

6 children all cheer. They never eat the candy, but they know the candy is delicious, every body are pick a candy up and say”Thank you”to their dad. When the kids are out to rat the candies. Prisa ask worker where are they will go. Worker answered she” Scotland.”

“What? Scotland?”

” Right, We will take the ship to that.”

Prisa not say anything. Just silence and go back to her bedroom

Next day is Halloween, The pumpkin is ever where. But worker’s house don’t have any pumpkin. They will be live in next day, So they don’t need have a pumpkin. The  cubic have not mach thing need to clean. They sale all the thing they have wait to next day come.

In the ferry, They all pass all the thing are great, They have a ship at 8 o’clock. they be at 5.

They just have six ticket for economy .

The ferry was moving to Scotland.

In the Scotland the worker got a job form the supermarket. Wife Prisa have be at home they live in a apartment now. Still They have a poor life.

Worker always read the news paper, In the next year that when is the Tuesday, 6 June 1944, He read the German start to the World war II. “Oh no A war! Prisa said” Never hear that bad news! Germany is not far from the Scotland. So she is worried



    In the Halloween some people are ring the bell of worker’s house. Worker open the door. A gong are in front of worker. They have a sigh that the Germany Nazi sigh.

    “Hoo-Hoo wait wait My Commander. What do you need?” Worker said.

    “Nothing, Just search.”

    The soldier are all done, When they live worker said “The army told me to the front for the war.”


    ” yes, but that will have lot of money.”


    Next day worker are go to front.

     Next day, 2 mans are come to there house to search the apartment.” Nothing here!.”


    Under the candlelight Prisa listen the next door’s moan. She look out of the window a soldier are out of the house. The blood are all the way around him. 

    “That scarred.” She think. pool the curtain up, and hope”Hope he can be in the life

But not lucky-He will be the search solder, That means He will be go to the enemy place to search.

Two day later some people are ring the bell again and the front people rapid said”please! Can we live in your house please? madam? please! My friend have a big wound need to have a little serve!” The people has a green closes looks like a solder. “Sure, Sure come in side!, My husband was a solder too.” Prisa smile and said.

The solders put a little box out and clean the patient’s wounds, They are so focus. 1 hour, 2 hour and 3 hour. They all set, Prisa take some cup of coffee theme. “Thank you. What is your husband’s name? “John Davis.” ” I know he he was died on the front last night.”

Prisa feel a little big sad and she start to cry.” No, No! That not true! Never! Never!”

What happened of he? Let’s see.

Last night when he was in the enemy to search, He is look for the enemy thing, When he think there is no body to find he, He stop focus, Think is wife sleeping now? He feel a little hurt , then he feel much hurt. Then he died.

Next day when the enemy cut his head off and going around the village to show his head to the world and now people knows what happened of then mow. Bit when the people find his information, They actually KNOW they can’t told they because that will make the Prisa to kill herself, They think so because they did that and a woman who like Prisa are kill herself.

Once they did, Prisa did’t kill herself because she still have those kids she need to help them, get foods and everything. So she never want to do that she think”Stop stoop, Don’t do that, need have a have a clever brain.

But she even spends all night to cry.

Next day when the solders are come back Prisa was so tired, She was so worried the life of those solders,

At noon, She is walk in a little road with her kids, “mum you look so sad, Why?”

“Honey I don’t want to say that to you but I think I need to told the thing to you, But don’t cry when I told you guys, OK. And important thing more then that is: Don’t feel you lost something in the world.””We will do it mum.”

But Prisa is still have a little worried of theme, Are they can hold that thing in the life?

“OK, You miss your dad.”

” What is that mean” The youngest kids not understand is.

“That mean you never can see your dad again.”

” Oh, dad is died?”The Older kids ask for it he never know this thing is true. T”hat not a great thing to our right, mum?”He’s sound not happy too. Prisa just turn to side and start walking. Doesn’t answer the question of worker.

As they are come back there house they are all ready to move back to the America. Six day later thy sale there things and whole house ready to go.

But that a little problem of the ferry they said they are all close The Ships all Stop in the ferry. Because is not safety for ships out of the ferry.

”What? Then where are we live tonight?”

They kids all knows that because the war.

They live in the Scotland again.

They are all try to get back home but the ferry are close for 4 year,

4 years later, They all grow up, A kid are ready to college, One is all ready for his middle school. When the war is become to the end the kids are ready for have their new book, New teacher, and new school, And Prisa are ready for her 40 years old party, will, is the war’s end not just a big birthday party, Is a 200,000,000’s party is a country and country’s big party, also that is a happy day.

When Prisa asked what they want to do when they grow up in this few year they all said want to be a solder, The girls was said it too.

Prisa taking the kids out of the door, there are a beautiful car over the front of the house” Mrs Prisa, Thank you for you to serve the country, In this 4 year you made 1,368 solder, President are send the letter to send you to the square to see the world war 2 end celebration.

on the celebration party, was a lot of people come and have a look that like tons of people , Prisa and she’s kids was sit a great seat.


“mom, Are we go back to our country?” one of the Kids look one of the flag on the square, asked.”maybe, but do you want to go back?”” No.””why?”

“because this place are what are we have our blood in this place, Not true blood But it is what our dream in what we want the war end, and——dad is always here..”

    “You still remember what your dad looks like? I forgot what my husband looks like.” She smile, “Oh I mean——I still love he and love you guys.” and she give every one a kiss.

    6 years later, Prisa was ready to see a new news she never be hear, she will take a ship to the America again, not all stay there but she was to see her old country. As she get there, She never  can feel it, A kind of odor, like world war 2’s odor, 

    “You still remember what your dad looks like? I forgot what my husband looks like.” She smile, “Oh I mean——I still love he and love you guys.” and she give every one a kiss.

    6 years later, Prisa was ready to see a new news she never be hear, she will take a ship to the America again, not all stay there but she was to see her old country. As she get there, She never  can feel it, A kind of odor, Prisa think she was know it, but she can’t remember it, at a huge hotel. she sleep in a huge room, soft and large, comfortable. She can never be in the bad at this room, she was in she’s tiny and stiff world, uncomfortable. either,  she feel who knock the door of she’s world. she open her eyes, nodded”What happening of me? she couldn’t understand but it is the Halloween morning. Same as the Scotland but looks more scarred, pumpkin looks scarred “Because some happen of my body?” She looks tired, but she think she is not got sick, and she don’t know where she can find a hospital to have a check, Because the hospital looks scarred too. She looks around, walk pass the hall, to have a check, when she walk pass all the way to the end she find what she wan to found, she set on a cold chair, wait for doctor, , When doctor come, He check her but nothing going on with her, She tried to explain, But doctor looks unlikely to listen that, because he think she want to waste he’s time, Then he thinking around, said”maybe because of you was live in a wet place now change to a dry place so you feel bad, that always happened. 

She think it that too, so she walk out of the hospital, to find a cafe, and she buy a sheet of newspaper, sit over the window, and buy a cup of coffee. and star to look the newspaper, That what she must did in every morning after those solders come back from her house, everyday. She read a little piece of the newspaper and she started stop the smile stat angry and hit the table hard she can, She stand up and walk out of the cafe with the newspaper but not include the cup of coffee.

She rush to the ferry, and talk too the ticket table talk to them say she want to get back in just a second, but they said the they can’t because they sold all the ticket they have. and she need to wait until tomorrow morning and ask she why she need come back that quick.so Prisa said”You can ask the newspaper maker what happened of the earth!” The ticket Salesperson was confuse of it, But she is a newspaper lover too, but she did’t understand what going on with it,” A war! a sad war!” Prisa said, “Do you want kill me about have in a country that have war with other country? Not yet, You want to kill me right? So you did’t sale the ticket to me right? The line after she all can hear all the thing she talk, either in a place that have lot of noise. So people all said she was got something wrong let she become a dork, But later, people can listened” My husband was died in world war 2, Now my kids want to be a solder like there dad, should there a mom want there kids go on the war and die on the war? so I don’t want that happen, I did’t like the war, I don’t like the war now too.” When people listened that sound all stop to said any thing, but can listened some of the water touch the ground.

finally she get back to the Scotland work in world, and all the way did in the wold peace.


  • Damn lots of words. Over 2000 words. THAT IS INSANE. You can work on your grammar though.

  • I love it I have never seen any write about post like this.

  • That is insane that is unbelievable this is AWESOME 2000 words dude I don’t have the stamina to do that. That is INSANE! Nice job keep up the good work

  • My record is 1700 words. You can work on your grammar though.

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