”Mr you–  I cant believe it why is dose her face have a x on it? I looked at it more and then he turns around.. ”HEY GIVE THAT BACK” ”Im sorry you dropped–” he comes over and rudely grabs it out of your hands leaving a scratch on your hand. The man runs away and I do the same.


  • Loved how you wrote some of the letters in big font!!!!!!

  • I like your story but you need to edited it because there is no title on this so I don’t know what it’s called

  • This is so good! I liked how you explained how the characters felt. It sound like its happened in real life.

  • I would like it a little bit longer like a whole story but get skit.

  • Love the skit, I wish it was a bit longer though!

  • wow I don’t get it in some parts but it is cute

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