The curse of Halloween 1 !

It is the month of October . Everyone is getting ready for Halloween this week . By the way my name is Sara and i’m a eighth grader . Everyone is so spooked about the legend of Halloween . In my town legend is that on Halloween night after 7pm  Haunted pumpkins , spiders, witches ghost ,goblins and zombies go running around eating children and adult’s !! Me and my two best friend’s Kattie and Jack don’t believe it though Because we just moved to this town . Some people do believe some don’t …..And that is why we are going to see on Halloween night ! ‘The next day’, At lunch Me and my friends talked about what were gonna be for Halloween . Jack said “i’m being harry potter” ! Kattie is being a witch and i’m be her witch sister . The other kids at school walk past us and said something  about a haunted house on Halloween ! Kids are talking about going to see if the haunted house will come to life ! So why not me and my friends go what could go wrong ?

To Be Continued ……..


  • Halloween is my favorite holiday because I like scary stuff and getting free candy. My favorite candy is snickers. Sometimes my mom sneaks my candy. Last year for Halloween, I was a wolf. I’m not sure what I want to be this year. Reading your post has made me really excited about Halloween.

  • I am doing a part 2

  • This story sounds like it’s going to take a spooky turn. Love it!!

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