My Life as a Gamer

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My favorite game to play after school is Fortnite.  It is the best action game that you can play online with your friends or people you don’t know.  You can play solo matches, duo matches, or squads.  I like solos or duos best. With Fortnite, I can play with my friends who live far away, and I don’t get to see very often.  With Fortnite you can buy skins.  I have 3 skins on my X-Box and one skin on my PS-4. Who doesn’t like to floss, to shoot, and the orange justice?  There is a lot of fighting and shooting, but everyone still has fun. If you’re a winner, it’s a victory royale.


  • Noice but u said SQUATS instead od SQUADS

    • That’s because Walters was typing for me, and she has no clue about the game.

  • lololloolll


  • Gavo16theBoss

  • I like games to

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