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It is not cool to be a bully.From the article “Bullies Behind Bars” by Carmen Morais she writes ,” When any bullies appeared in public, people hurled insults at them”. In my opinion, what that means is that after they bullied someone they would get bullied back. Going further the public does not like bullies because they are mean to other people so they get treated the same way.


Bullying can do a lot of damage to people. One thing that bullying does is distract people from what needs to be taken care of in there normal day things. LIke, school work, homework, and chores, to name a few.The reason it distracts you is it gets in your mind and makes you focus on that person instead of what is happening around you.


 Another thing is how it makes you feel. You feel kinda sick in the stomach and sometimes your head hurts. It makes you feel stupid and ask to yourself why me. Last is your self-esteem. It goes down and you think maybe that person that is bullying you is right. These are not all but some of the things it does to damage everyone that gets bullied.


In the article “Taking a Stand” by Samantha McCann she writes in direct quotes “ when people think about bullying, they usually focus on the bully and the victim. But bystanders often play an important role too. ” The bystanders are the ones who are fueling what the bully needs, (attention). The attention is what keeps the bully to go on till someone sticks up for the victim. 


In the end bullying affects everyone involved. First is the victim, they get humiliated in front of the bystanders. Second is the bystanders, They feed the Situation by laughing until they do not like what they see out of the bully. Last the citizens bully the bully. It’s a lot cooler and healthier to keep

up than down.


Cites used “Bullies behind bars” and “”Taking a stand”.       




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  • I agree on how it affects your self esteem

  • I agree with your statement. bullying is a bad thing.

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