Cat In Space!

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I am Mister Whiskers, specially chosen for the space mission Astro 5. I am the second cat in space! Today I woke up at about 0700 UTC on the space station ASTRO (Advanced Space in Total Rotational Orbit). I went to use the space litter box, which is very different from the ones on earth. I ate my breakfast consisting of: space cat food, space milk, and regular water. Later, while I was floating around the cabin an meteoroid hit our ship! There was a hole in the side of the ship! Luckily, they fixed the hole. That was close! At 1400 I watched the Bi-weekly supply ship dock with ASTRO and was surprised to see new astronauts! It was sad to see my friends go, but nice to make new ones! At 2100 I went to bed it had just been a average day on ASTRO






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