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“Many Studies have shown that effective bullying programs Focus not on punishment but I’m changing the social climate of the school” (Moray) if you’re a victim of a bully tell a trusted adult and sometime and some State kids who are found guilty of bullying could get criminal records most schools have anti-bullying rules so you could get in trouble if you’re a boy if you’re a bystander and see bullying tell someone if you just stand there and watch your man watch your giving the bully what they want attention you can you could step in and tell the police to stop always stand up to bullies even if it’s not your friend is being bullied want to help stop bullying join help stop bullying Club Local Hero two little Timmy two eighth-graders were bullying little Timmy with a 7th grader help stop the 8th graders bullying is a major problem a girl committed suicide due to bullying and truly effective program boys are punished but in ways that have immediate impact under lives in and out of school Moray luckily people have been helping to stop bullying like a girl who was bullied she was able to get the boys to stop in a while later the girl made a club to help stop bullying people with bipolar join the girl was surprised to see that people who want to go either wanted to help stop but they once did 


  • i really like how you descried bystanders and the trouble you can get into for bullying, but i dont understand some of it.

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