Bullying Is Wrong!

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by : Jade
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When people fist think of bullying they probably think of people being pushed around and made fun of and bullies think that that is ok, but there wrong bullying is NOT ok! Here are some tips you can use to stand up to a bully or if your witnessing bullying.

1. When someone is picking on you try not to show any sad or angry emotion towards them them because that makes the bully’s power stronger and they will keep picking on you.

2. If step one dosen’t help then when the bully is picking on you turn around look the bully strait in the eyes and say “I don’t like it when you pick on me and make fun of me. Please stop!”. You can say it calmly or sternly, so you can kind of let them know that you are standing your ground!

3. If number 1 or 2 don’t work then tell a teacher or an adult or a gardien that you trust and if it’s really bad than tell the school princable for help.

These are just some helpful tips that will hopefully stop the bully. Another thing is that in a story that I read a story called Bullies Behind Bars. In the story there was a girl name Phebe and there was four girls and one boy bullying her. She told her mom, but the bullying kept on. One night Phebe had enough. That night Phebe hung herself and died. Her family was devistated and the bullies went on probation with the police. If your reading this PLEASE, PLEASE don’t do what Phebe did. There is ALWAYS a different option then suicide. I hope these tips work if your being bullied, and remember “Hater will say what they want, but their hate will never stop you from chasing your dream!”-Justin Bieber.


  • good job on adding details on how bullying is wrong

    • Thx Ella!!!

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