Writing Changes Us, Reading Changes Others

Writing is cathartic; we release the thoughts we’ve held inside all day, we let the words swirling in our minds flow onto the page, we confess our deepest thoughts and worries, we reveal our secrets to an audience of one. Sometimes writing is never intended to be shared, like a personal journal or diary that one keeps for themselves. Other times writing is designed to be shared, like music to be sung on the radio, screenplays, fiction stories, or blog posts.

When we read something it’s a gift: the author has granted us entrance to their minds – a place where we are not normally allowed to trespass. When we absorb their words we realize we are not the only ones to feel wonder at nature, or to feel alone in a new place, or to feel less than good-enough, or to struggle with trying to be perfect, or to have regrets, or to laugh out loud when no one is around. We’re not omnipresent, but reading allows us to be in places we have never been, and with people we have never met.

I ask you to write because it will change you, reveal new facets of life, and strengthen your thinking.

I ask you to read because it allows you to interact with someone who is different, and gain a better understanding of the world.

All I can guarantee is that you won’t regret doing it.

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