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Bullying still in the school.

Actually the bullying still in the schools the people find the bullying still keep in the great school. Some students think they are rich so bullying the poor students; Some of they are think they are beautiful then other kids so bullying the kids that look not nice. More of then are bullying the skin color, In a school always can see the kids are has a group of the skin color. White people always didn’t have the black people on the top we think that’s just fine because the kids don’t   with he or she just.


This week, our  teacher told a story of a girl who be bullying school . Because she is a little poor to the kids. When the teacher sand she out and told the people who bullying she and she’s stop, so the  people are stop bullying she so the grown up’s help is the important thing for the kids who be hullying.


Why there is bullying?

The bullying just what human’s brain work to do, They are still have the awareness to use there power to make they look nice of make they look are the upgrade of other people, Thet what is the brain work on, still people know that nor good but they can’t control theereself, But if the people have more focus on their thing will be gone.


Bullying, stop!

Bullying is a bad thing is a sad thing for the people on Earth, I think nobody went to be bullying that will feel bad right? You never want a guy to pouch you, to hit you, to said your nickname all day, right? Than what about  other people? They have a brain same to you, when you thuink that bad they think it bad too.

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