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by : Jane
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Hello, my name is 8. I am a spider. I have EIGHT LEGS. (In the distance: OF COURSE YOU HAVE EIGHT LEGS, 8! You’re a SPIDER.) Yeah I guess that’s normal. Sorry, that’s my friend. His name is 8. (NO, IT IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT.) Oh sorry. His name is 4. He has FOUR LEGS. So amazing. Anyway, this is how my day went. I caught a fly. Then I ate it. The end. (Seriously -_-) OH! Right, almost forgot. I ATE the fly. (You already said that…) I did? Oh well. WOW, I just caught a dragonfly in my web. SO. BIG. AWW, NO! A human is taking it out of the web! HOW DARE YOU TAKE MY DINNER. Now I just caught a bee?? IM not gonna eat THAT. Hey, what’s this? Aww a fluffy caterpillar. (I’m just gonna ignore you now. Bye.) NOO, 4, don’t leave! PLEASE. (-_-¬† ¬†Maybe you should just stop talking.) NO, I LOVE TALKING. (Ok, I’m going to stop this story now, since you’re so annoying.


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