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by : Jane
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One day I was on the trampoline with some friends. (Those friends moved away last year though.) There were four people on the trampoline. Me, Clare (my sister), and two of the friends. (I forgot their names X_X) We were having fun, but then I jumped too hard and when I landed my ankle twisted and I died (jk). I sprained my ankle so I am not dead right now but I thought I died xD. It hurt a lot and my mom took me to the hospital and they gave me a bandage for my ankle. Then, the next year, (I also think it was the same month as it was last time) I was on the trampoline with three other people, and GUESS WHAT. I sprained my ankle agaaaaiinnnn. So I went to the hospital (AGAIN) and got a bandage for my ankle (AGAIN) and lived happily ever after with a very angry ankle. 

THE END. (Never go on a trampoline with three other people, kids!)

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  • H!AHA! That was very funny! I love how you made the story interesting! I also like that there was a message at the bottom. Though I think you could have done a better title.

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