Carving or Painting

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I would rather carve a pumpkin not paint. I tried painting a pumpkin a while ago and it didn’t work, carving is more fun anyway. When I tried painted a pumpkin but the orange showed more than the other colors. (But black it works.) You can carve than paint or paint than carve. I going to do carve and paint. I don’t like painting it’s messy. Carving a pumpkin you need to take the inside seeds out though. (My dad does that) During carving I learn knife skills. I use my own knife to carve. I don’t like bout carving is that my siblings are screaming bout how good theirs are. When were all done i’m usually the only one that puts a burning candle in mine. They all use fake candles.

What do you people like to do, carve or paint.


  • I like the way you said the paint that works to paint the pumkins.

  • I like to carve. I carve my pumpkins too. My dad also takes out the goop inside. We do it every year at Halloween. I don’t like Halloween. I don’t like being scared. Well, I like it as long as I don’t get scared. We have to go to school on Halloween. I don’t think we should have to go to school on Halloween. Some people pass out candy.

  • Thanks. I agree with Reese.

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