The left behind wallet

One day I was walking down the sidewalk to get the small convenience store. I was excited that I could finally get some candy. No one really walks up the sidewalk I walk to it’s very rare for me to walk past someone, but one day I did. I was almost to the store an old man was walking in front of me, where did he come from? He wasn’t in front of me before but I stopped looking at him so I didn’t look like a creep. But then when he stopped walking turned around and looked at me and said, ” This is your lucky day.” I was confused why he said that he walked a little more he dropped his wallet, it looked like he did it on purpose but I picked it up and ran after him I  tapped his back and he just said, ”No, it’s your’s now keep it.” I opened the wallet to see what was in it and there were FIVE MILLION DOLLARS! The five million dollars were in cash but then there was a credit card too, and gift cards. I didn’t even care about my candy in the store I ran home and showed my mom, ” We can’t keep this what if he stole this money and he wants to frame us for it. Well, your right I guess we can turn it in. When we turned it in the officer said he was trying to frame us so he didn’t have to go to jail. ”But, you get money in return, because this was a very good thing to do in this town, the man went to jail and you get the five million dollars.” I was super happy! I didn’t know what to say, neither did my mom. My mom immediately called my dad and told him. My dad was even happier we could get anything we want! What we did with the money was we spent it wisely and slowly. My brother and I were allowed to get one thing I got a new phone and my brother got a new toy. The rest of the money we spent on food and clothes, we’ve never been any happier! But when I got older we still had five million dollars we spent the money just like normal people. We didn’t act like we had five million dollars, we still sometimes got the off-brand chips because they were cheaper. We never moved out of our house ethier, I didn’t go to  a private school. WE acted like we n

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Post Privacy Published on November 15 | Open-Ended
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