Aladdin part one

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Aladdin was a thief he stole everything in sight. While in the pales there was a prince her name was Jasmine. Jasmine was having a hard time she had to get married before the week ended Jasamen wondered what was outside of the palls walls? At last, Jasmen went exploring she ran into a man his name was Aladdin. When Jasman ran into Alliden he said ”sorry” then Aliden shode Jasman around. Then a mint later, Aiden took Jasman to his home he said:” it’s not much when you think about it.”It ok” Jasman said” it’s just like my home,” said Jasmen.”Some times you just feel trapt” they said at the same time. All of a sudden, guards came along ”look over there” they’re after me there after you?” they said at the  same time.”Do you trust me” said alien.”For some reason I do” said Jasmin.” overhear” said one of the guards.” get them” said Rasoul.”Hay I demand you to stop” said jasmine.”Princes jasmine” said razoule.”I demand you to stop and free aliden” said princess jasmine.”I can’t” said Razuel?Jafar’s odors. your coming with us to the dungeons said rouzoule. That exact nite, Jafari took aliden to the cave of wonders and sent aliden down touch nothing dut the lamp touch the gold now you will never see the lite of day again nooooooo said aliden wats, even so, grate about this thing any way wate I think it says something.part 2 is coming soon.

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