Should we Celebrate Columbus day?

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Christopher Columbus was an explorer. Some people still celebrate Columbus day on Oct. 9, But, I think that is not right because it is bad for America Indians. He took America Inidian’s land, money and life. He killed people.


  1. He took the land from the Indians: In 1492, he began his journey to find the Americas.  He went in search of gold and spices. However, he ended up reaching Spain. Christopher Columbus started to take the land from the America Indians. He was so powerful for Indians. So he took the land from the Indians. The America Indian’s land was all taken away by him.  Because of this they had no jobs. American Indians became poor. 


  1. He killed many America Indians. When he was getting to the West, He started to change the America Indians, He made them to his slaves, So he killed a lot of people. To make them work with him, to make them change to be poor.


  1. He took the natural resources from America. When Columbus was on the America land, He knows the Americas have lot of spices, so he started to bring the America ‘s spices to Spain stole their gold and spices and enslaved them.  So American Indians lost natural resources.


So all these things prove that  we can’t celebrate Columbus day because it is a bad thing for the American Indians. He also made new wars worse and hurt the Earth. So, Columbus day should not be celebrated at all.

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